An outline of experience, plus further information including a PDF download of current CV.


  • PhD in using emerging technologies with real world informal learning activities, gained in 2021 (Melit)
  • A decade of lecturing and extra curricula initiatives at London Metropolitan University, 2006 - 2015
  • Various guest sessions and MA study unit lecturing at University of Malta
  • Teaching multimedia, digital media, media & communications and emerging technologies in education
  • Guest lecture at Royal college of Art, London, UK
  • Guest speaker at University of Oxford AI in education lunchtime sessions
  • Tech and media work experience for students working with real client projects in web and digital media
  • Working with students as change agents using social media and hallway methodology


  • Content Management System Web development since 2000, including ExpressionEngine, Drupal, WordPress incl. Multisite, Joomla, Moveable Type, and flat file CMS Flatpress and Grav
  • CMS custom functions, scripts and templating
  • Video blogging circa 2003, and regularly working with video for Web and social media since then, using Adobe Premier Pro and iMovie
  • Audio work with Reason, Ableton Live, Mackie desk and various software and synths
  • Work with Macromedia/Adobe Flash until around 2010, incl. website design, CD Rom presentations and portfolios, and 2D vector animation
  • Working with 'smart enough' mobile apps in urban civic learning contexts (HP Reveal, Maps, Derive, DB Pedia, Blippar, Web AR etc). This work also included interactive mapping using free and open apps and scripts.

Research and UX

  • Carrying out several large scale website usability and user experience evaluation studies
  • Website and user journey design and development including needs analysis, scoping, interface wireframes, tech requirements, personas, super user collab
  • Information and navigation design
  • Functionality testing
  • Detailed user requirements gathering & user experience data gathering including:
    • extensive experience in semi structured conversational interviewing
    • focus groups
    • card sorting
    • comparison analysis
    • questionnaires
    • hallway methodology
  • General qualitative analysis techniques; thematic analysis, phenomenography
  • Some use of quantitative analysis in usability studies
  • Nvivo, Taguette software

Further information