Creative Projects

Working on things I don't always get paid for ;)

Big Deal No 5

The Big Deal art show at Q Park, Cavendish Square, London W1. This is a short reel experience video of the opening night. The show was held in an underground car park and held more than 100 exhibits...

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​JOYnd was an idea with some concept for a ‘GPS enabled’ employability network, aimed at any person new to the job market who has marketable skills. This might be graduates, but it might also...

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Reporting Live

Reporting Live: The State of Today is a new project. I’m aggregating a number of feed sources to automate the generation of an OPML which I can then do ‘fun stuff’ with. I really like the idea...

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Photography on Instagram

I take a lot of photographs, when I go to Malta, as well as about town or in other towns like Brighton or up north. I favour Instagram to share the majority. Now and again I’ll create a gallery on...

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Malabar at Watford, June 2014

Seeing Malabar is quite an extraordinary experience. Some friends invited me to come along to an outdoor show commissioned by Watford city council back in June this year. We were able to be backstage...

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The Art and Science of Survival

I like Blurb books. I’ve made a few, but my favourite is a collection of poems created to match images initially grouped only because they ‘looked good together’. The idea was to start with the...

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