Creative Projects

Working on things I don't always get paid for ;)

The Art and Science of Survival

I like Blurb books. I’ve made a few, but my favourite is a collection of poems created to match images initially grouped only because they ‘looked good together’. The idea was to start with the...

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We do Kool not Kute

I went along to the opening of a photography show curated by Jamie Brennan, “We do Kool Not Kute” and shot some video and stills. Jamie had asked me to have a go at making a video of the night. The...

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Trxtr At the Signal Gallery

Trxtr did a great show early in 2013, called Dystopia, and I went along to take photographs and make a video of what happened. Here’s the video, and there’s a photo gallery here too. I use a...

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Baby Saatchi

Baby Saatchi is a project about content, and centres around the idea of ‘Rogue, Sasstacular’. It embodies numerous sources interlinking scraped image feeds plus additional content pulled from...

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