Photo Galleries

I take photos, using a variety of cameras: Lumix GF3, Lumix SM7, various phones, Canon.

Stone Island

​Qawra coastline is barren, bleak and awesomely rocky. Malta is known as The Rock, and this is why. No shells here, they are all crushed long before they get to the beach, but fossils decorate...

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The Past

​This is some of the last set of photos from Cambridge Road, taken a few days before I left. I hated that place when I arrived in 2006, for many reasons, but it kept me safe, it made me who I am...

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Site Gallery 2012

​These images were used as full screen backgrounds for the 2012/2013 version of the site. They’re a mixture of Maltese and London nature and landscapes. I came back from Malta at the...

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