Work Projects

Interesting projects I sometimes got paid for ;)

Presentation at ICity Malta 2016

It was a fantastic experience to present at this conference (ICiTy Enhancing Places through Technology), and it went really, really well. I spoke for the correct amount of time, was coherent and got...

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Smart Learning & Open Access

I was pleased to take part ion a webinar for the Smart Learning Institute at Normal University in Beijing, China. Due to time difference I suggested i do a video-cast and they were happy to oblige...

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Evaluating Smart City Learning

The early work into the thesis produced ideas around dialogism and communication evaluation methods to measure knowledge construction and identity forming. I’m now of an opinion that this is...

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Elearning Matrix New Site

​I’ve launched the first prototype of the new Elearning Matrix, a greenfield full rebuild of the earlier xhtml eMatrix, developed from 2020-2013. The new version has moved on quite a bit and uses...

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I’ve done some interesting work for a London based inner city charity developing a curriculum for age 12-16 yr after school classes, teaching digital skills that would lead on to accredited...

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The eMatrix

The London Metropolitan University Ematrix is a complex category driven website built with Expression Engine. I’m using a wide variety of EE modules to achieve multiple ways for users to find...

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