Work Projects

Interesting projects I sometimes got paid for ;)


I’ve done some interesting work for a London based inner city charity developing a curriculum for age 12-16 yr after school classes, teaching digital skills that would lead on to accredited...

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Netfarms Update

I’ve updated Netfarms to try to attract small business sites as well as still focusing on student free sites. The idea is also to upload some more useful tutorials to the forum area for working...

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The eMatrix

The London Metropolitan University Ematrix is a complex category driven website built with Expression Engine. I’m using a wide variety of EE modules to achieve multiple ways for users to find...

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Developing Your Internet Profile

“Growing New Markets for the Web” was an all day seminar aimed at start ups and small businesses. I was commissioned to scope and create the content, and lead the seminar on the day. The seminar...

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Changing Universities

A project concerning change management in the higher education sector. The brief was to provide an online space for private and publicly shared discsussion groups for senior executives involved in...

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SocialMet was a university social media project instigated by the Strategic Programme office at London Metropolitan University. The initial aim of the project was to elicit direct feedback from...

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