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PhD Blog

As I’m now doing a PhD, it’s always good to have a blog. It’s available at I expect to run this as I did with the MA website (

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Moving to Malta

I moved to Malta. This is overall an incredible thing and either really stupid or utterly brilliant. I do love the Rock and all it has: history, ancient culture, sun, unpretentious good life,...

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New Site

It’s been really good working on the new site for as I’ve managed to put into practice a lot of new techniques that I’ve been waiting to learn and then use for quite a while. New...

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​Thanks for visiting This is the home of Pen Lister, sometime digital media lecturer, website builder and musician. I’ve got a bunch of creative projects and some client work here....

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PhD Proposal

​Ive submitted a proposal for a PhD based on the concept of completely open digital rights management. Whether or not this is even possible remains unclear, however what is certain is that gated...

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Site Development

​The site is progressing well, with a few new ideas coming together. Next in line to implement will be the tutorials archive, using slightly different templates, but making it possible to add to...

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